SPOTLIGHT: South by Sea Fraternity CM

Our next spotlight features one of our TOP Campus Managers:

Joey Gomez - Baylor University


Q: How did you find out about South by Sea?

A: A few days after initiation I got an email that said ShirtsForGreeks was hiring. I emailed back, we set up a phone interview and I ended up getting the job as Campus Manager back in 2012. At the time Baylor didn’t give the company a license to sell. It was a slow start for me as CM, but a few years into it we obtained a license, the name changed to South By Sea and the rest is history. South By Sea’s campus presence grew immensely my last year at Baylor in 2015 and fortunately has continued to grow. 

Q: What made you want to be a campus manager?

A: I wanted to be a working student. I was a newly initiated member of my fraternity and was ready to get involved in any way I could. Being CM gave me an opportunity to earn work experience and encouraged me to reach out to as many organizations as possible. Now as an alumna, being a Campus Manager gives me more reason to keep in touch with Baylor and the current student population. I go back for a number of our traditions and football games anyway, so being a CM is just an extra reason for me to continue socializing and building my network at my alma mater. 

Q: What is your favorite part of being a CM?

A: I enjoy marketing and promoting our brand to organizations who did not know there were other options out there. Some organizations have been using the same company for years, but usually once they give South By Sea a shot, they switch over to our team. 

Q: Were you involved with Greek life?

A: Heavily involved as a member of Delta Tau Delta. Held a number of positions on executive board and admin committee. My favorite positions were time spent as Recruitment Chair and Dir. of Alumni Affairs. I also enjoyed the community service aspect of being a Delt. One big responsibility was serving as an All-University Sing Chairman for my chapter two years in a row. I’m terrible at singing, did a lot more with the choreography part of it. It was not an event everyone looked forward to, but it is a huge tradition at Baylor and we have participated every year since we chartered. 

Q: How does it feel being a male CM, is it different? Is it to your advantage/what kind of positives does it bring?


A: Love it. There are not too many male CM’s so I feel like the token guy in almost every discussion. I get to crack a lot of jokes that are not really that funny, but I get laughs anyway probably because I’m the only guy in the discussion most times. I wouldn’t say I have an advantage as a male CM, but maybe I can resonate with fraternities better since I’ve been a part of one and continue to be involved even as an alum. I attribute any success I’ve had in the company to my team. Everyone I work with is extremely supportive and ready to help. It’s a team sport, I’m just thankful I’m on the team. 

I get to crack a lot of jokes that are not really that funny, but I get laughs anyway probably because I’m the only guy in the discussion most times.

Q: Are organizations surprised to find out you work with a predominately female company?

A: Organizations I’ve worked with have never really brought attention to it. Maybe it’s refreshing to them to have a guy working with them, like a change of pace? I think I am more surprised that y’all keep me around. I am honored to be one of the few male CM’s. 

Q: How do you think this will help you in the future?

A: I have years of experience in networking, marketing and promoting our brand. I think this has helped me get used to wearing more than one hat as a professional. I learned to juggle my position with South By Sea in addition to my full-time job, on top of my personal responsibilities as a husband, friend, brother, etc. I am also pursuing medical school so my time with South By Sea has allowed me to work on my business skills and fine-tuned my ability to succeed in social settings. 

Q: Any thoughts on the fraternity site launch?

A: Stoked about it. We’re tapping into a huge market. The way we have succeeded in the sorority side of our company, I’m confident we will be a premier option for fraternities as well.