Meet Account Manager Dyamond!!

Hi y’all! My name is Dyamond I’m an account manager but I started as a Campus Manager almost 3 years ago! I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a degree in Chemistry and I really miss the sunshine! I grew up most of my life in Parkland, Florida (Fort Lauderdale area) and decided to go to college 2 hours away from home so I can see my 2 younger brothers more than they really wanted me to! Seattle has been a huge change but I’ve slowly come to love it! Some interesting facts about me: I really really love Diet Coke, popcorn and tacos (basically could have that every day for the rest of my life), hate country music, can quote every Friends episode and long walks through Target.

In college I was pretty involved in a lot of clubs but most of all I am a proud Phi Mu alum! Though I was so excited to leave FGCU I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Dunk City and everything my school accomplishes - we will be back in the tournament next year!! One of my sorority sisters has a special place in my heart her name was Rebeca & she told me one day that she believes she’s a sunflower because when the sun is out she was her happiest but when the sun was down she was sad and that girl had a funny way of showing sad because even at the darkest of nights she was the happiest person I’ve ever known and I miss her every day - I hope I make her proud by trying to be the most positive person I can be. Needless to say, to this day every time I see a sunflower I think of her and all my beautiful sisters!! 

I absolutely love South by Sea! I can honestly say this company cares so much about their customers to the point they have become real friends and I have found some true best friends out of customers and of course coworkers (especially my ride or die Robyn and my Georgia peach Carson). I love helping all of y’all get exactly what you want for your events so call me email me let’s get to work!!!