5 Steps to the Best Spring Recruitment

well ladies, we made it through the first semester; from fall recruitment, bid day, homecoming, big-little reveal, philanthropy events and everything in between, we. made. it!

...but we all know what's coming next... that's right, we are gearing up for Spring recruitment!

chapters across the country are starting to prep for another round of awesome potential new members and planning bid day themes. We won't lie, there's a lot to do! Don't stress though, we got you covered with our list of 5 things you can do to prep for recruiting a killer new pledge class!



1. Pick a Theme

Probably the most obvious item on our list, but we know how hard it is coming up with a creative, fun, recruitment theme!

Feeling stuck?

We put together this 2018 Spring Recruitment catalog filled with themes, designs and all the "merch" you can think of so you can pick the perfect theme (or at least get some inspo)! 


So, once you have your handy dandy, new recruitment theme chosen, it's time for one of the best parts, SHIRTS!

With South by Sea, it's as simple as opening this link, putting in your info, and, well...that's it!

Our talented team of account managers and designers handle the rest, so we know you'll be in good hands.

Spring Bid Day Deals-01 (1).jpg

3. Top It Off With Freebies

As if custom designs and competitive pricing could get any better...Now, we've added in some freebies for you and your chapter! 

Take your pick with ANY bid day order before the new year!


4. Claim Your Snapchat Filter

Now that you're rocking your new shirts with your new recruits, make it even more special with a customized Snapchat filter.

We provide the artwork, all you have to do is set the time to show everyone how much fun you're having on bid day!


5. Take Some Well Deserved R&R

Ok, so... 

Recruitment Theme, check!

Tee Shirts, check! 

Awesome Freebies, check!

Snapchat filter, check!

What's left?... We got it from here. Take a load off girl! 

Go grab your favorite mug, comfy sweats and squeeze in as much Netflix as you can before the chaos begins, we'll (South by) S(ea) you at recruitment!