How I Became a Campus Manager

Hi!  My name is Hollie and I am the Campus Manager at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO.  I am a founding member of the Zeta Beta chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon.  I am in my senior year as a nursing major here at Truman with plans on becoming a midwife someday.  My amazing dog, Samson, is my pride and joy and I show him off as often as I can. 

I never even imagined myself accepting this kind of position considering well… I know nothing about sales or business or marketing.  I am a nursing student who does shots, and medicine, and anatomy.  Heck, I never even pictured myself in a Sorority let alone selling apparel to my campus’ Greek life!  

My interest in this whole thing started when I was elected my chapters first ever apparel chair.  I LOVED designing our shirts, bid day packs, and fun accessories.  Unfortunately for me I did not know of South by Sea during my time as apparel chair but man I could have made some awesome stuff. 

As much as I loved being apparel chair I also wanted to try something new for my last year as an active. I was bummed about not being able to design shirts but then I got an e-mail about an offer from South by Sea to be a campus manager.  I was hesitant at first because of the whole being a nursing student and a dog momma.  Would I have enough time?  Would I know what I was even doing?  The interview went so well and I was so incredibly excited when I got off the phone with Carson.  I knew this would be a great fit for me but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much just in case they hired someone else.  Guess what though… spoiler alert… they hired me!!  

Through my position as Campus Manager I have made endless connections on campus.  South by Sea has given me the opportunity to try new things and learn so much all while making some awesome custom apparel for everyone on campus.  In under a year I have a Chapter Rep in every sorority and almost every Fraternity.  I also have countless reps in Non-Greek organizations.  The hand drawn designs that the artists are able to make are absolutely incredible.  There is really no comparison when it comes to the artwork.  I am able to make a *super* rough sketch of something I am wanting and send it in and I get back exactly what I was picturing.  I have had so many people tell me that one of the shirts from a South by Sea order is their favorite shirt ever. 

Kind of weird but now when I walk around campus I notice all the shirts South by Sea has done and do a little happy dance in my head.  I have almost told total strangers “hey, nice shirt” but I think that might be too weird…? 

I went from an unaffiliated nursing major to an affiliated South by Sea Campus manager in basically a year and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.  I am so happy I took the challenge and decided to try something out of my comfort zone.  South by Sea has not only given my campus brilliant custom apparel they have given me an opportunity to stand out among my peers.  I am proud to be part of this amazing company and I desperately wish my time with them could be longer.  Who knows… maybe they will want a Hospital Rep.  Custom scrubs and scrub caps anyone?