We think all Greek life can agree with us when we say that, "bid Day is the best day of the year."

Lucky for us, we were able to experience it all over again with Alpha Xi Delta at Kent State! 





Their bid day theme was, 


"a league all our own".








Kent State's Bid Day was such a blast because we got to see a lot of South By Sea orders come to life... from AXiD foam fingers, baby blue baseball henleys, to baseball caps for all their new members, the Airstream girls were right along side the sisters as around 50 new women slid home to AXiD!

As the Airstream rolled up to the Kent State AXiD house to celebrate, music was booming, decorations were in full gear and each girl was having a blast... not to mention, the Airstream made a great backdrop for Bid Day pictures.


Personally, we think the the iconic silver shell, chic boho style, and our famous cactus car was perfect for the occasion.



Welcome home fuzzies! 


We're so happy you've

found your place


Kent State

Alpha Xi Delta!


Here we are, week two on the Airstream... and we've got this thing down to an art

So, you might be wondering... how exactly do we get this luxurious show room from campus to campus, and what we actually do when we get there? 

Well we'll tell you!

We follow a pretty set routine at each college we visit - we arrive on campus, set up our "office" for the day and make sure our mobile showroom is in perfect condition, looking glam and fully stocked with giveaway goodies.

Here, take a peek...

What truly makes our day, every day, is getting to meet so many girls who are just excited about South by Sea and sisterhood as we are! We get to chat with people from all around the country about Greek life, design, college and custom apparel... could we ask for more?!

What makes the Airstream different than just any "on the road" retail boutique is how personal it is. It truly makes our day, every day, is getting to meet so many girls who are just excited about South by Sea and sisterhood as we are! We get to chat with people from all around the country about Greek life, design, college and custom apparel...

I mean, come on...could we ask for more?!

Since Jessie was a campus manager for two years and Helen joined the SxS team only two weeks ago, we have really different perspectives about being the first ever Stream Team girls - though, of course, we both love it!

For Jessie,- the best part is getting to know and hang out with the current campus managers that she's been working with for years in person. She also enjoys being able to help the new campus managers at the schools we visit because she remembers how overwhelming it could be when someone first starts!

Helen- loves the thrill of being a new team member and getting to learn the ins and outs of South by Sea. After working in an office after college, it's awesome for her to be somewhere new every day and get to talk to so many new people and remember why she loved her sorority while she was in school!

No matter where we are, we try to make sure we're always being productive! From thinking of new ways to do marketing for the Airstream, dealing with crazy adventures and thinking on our feet, planning our next stops and exploring campus for photo ops.

Never a dull moment on the Stream Team!


Our mobile showroom has been on the road for a whole week now, and we have LOVED seeing all of you on campus! 

From Nashville, to Virginia, and then Pennsylvania, it's been an adventure, and our Airstream gals, Helen and Jessie, have been making the most of it, one stop at a time.

Here's a behind the scenes look at the Airstream Team's travels so far!



GARDEN MAZE AT LURAY CAVERNS MAZE - In between our visits to JMU and VCU, we found a random brochure for the Luray Caverns and Garden Maze and decided to take a pit stop! The eight foot tall hedge maze has a half mile pathway, and secret spots throughout, including a raised platform for a view of the whole maze, secret fountain and hidden cave.

RICHMOND SHOOT - The whole company had Labor Day off work, so since we didn't have a school scheduled to visit, we decided to try to take advantage of some of the history in Richmond. - around 4 pm, the streets calmed down and we spent about two or three hours shooting Live Photos of south by sea product during the "Golden Hour". We had so much fun and got some great shots. Check it out!




EXPLORING PHILADELPHIA - at Temple University we walked through campus, talking with students about south by sea and handing out promo items and discount cards. After a few hours, we decided to explore Center City Philly - from the famous "Rocky steps" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the gorgeous gardens and reservoir behind the museum with views of Boathouse Row, Logan Square and Dilworth Park. Overall, this is a really beautiful city that has an amazing mix of modern architecture and a deep sense of our nation's history. It was also awesome because they actually had a 100 year celebration of a famous central street going on that day, so there was a ton of pop-up things scattered around the city from photo-op props, free Dippin' Dots, live music, and booths. 


YORK FAIR- Somehow we happened to visit York, PA the same weekend that their fair was happening- it's the oldest fair in America and has been open every single year since 1765!...Yeah, over 250 years, crazy right?! It was nice to take a night to ourselves and enjoy some deep fried Oreo's and corn dogs. This impromptu trip reminded us that even in small towns there is history and surprises around every corner. We had a long drive to Penn state the next morning so it was the perfect break before the next day of work.




It's been really cool to get to visit so many campuses - public and private, big and small - and get to learn about Greek life and student organizations at all of them. When people see the Airstream roll up and ask, "what is this thing?!"...and then walk in to find how we've renovated it, they rave about how cute it is because it's totally unexpected!

It's fun to see how campuses are similar or different than one another, and even our own Alma Maters (we went to Bellarmine, a super small campus with about 3,500 students and UNC, which is obviously a big historic school).

For now, we are back on the road... 

Keep checking out our social media to see where we are headed to next!



MEET: The Airstream Team




After months of planning and glamming up our vintage Airstream, we are happy to announce the cactus car is headed out on its maiden voyage.

If you have been following social media, we have been keeping this secret for a while (and hinting at some sneak peaks). The Airstream is our version of bringing the best of SxS right to you.

We stocked our little rolling tin can, with over 50 fabulous pieces of clothing options for you to see and feel...AND (if you choose) you can start an order right on the spot. 

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... we have tons of fun free things to give away...that's right, well as guest appearances and fun events for you to enjoy while taking pics and having fun with our stream team. 

First stop.....VIRGINIA!

Our stream team could not be more excited to bring some goodies and fall fashion to campuses, all over the country, for the next 3 months.

So who is our Airstream team?... we're glad you asked!

Jessie and Helen are behind the wheel, taking on the open road, one tee shirt at a time.

Jessie was a South by Sea campus manager for Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, where she also went to college and was a member of Phi Mu.

This is Helen's first time working with South by Sea and she is so excited! Shes coming to us from UNC Chapel Hill where she was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha.

More to come on the stream team... and (of course) the Airstream! Stay updated on where we are rolling off to next by checking our Airstream page or on any of our social media accounts linked below.

...and if you happen to see us and take a picture make sure to use #SxSAirstream to be featured on our social media! 

See you soon!

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Meet Account Manager Dyamond!!

Hi y’all! My name is Dyamond I’m an account manager but I started as a Campus Manager almost 3 years ago! I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a degree in Chemistry and I really miss the sunshine! I grew up most of my life in Parkland, Florida (Fort Lauderdale area) and decided to go to college 2 hours away from home so I can see my 2 younger brothers more than they really wanted me to! Seattle has been a huge change but I’ve slowly come to love it! Some interesting facts about me: I really really love Diet Coke, popcorn and tacos (basically could have that every day for the rest of my life), hate country music, can quote every Friends episode and long walks through Target.

In college I was pretty involved in a lot of clubs but most of all I am a proud Phi Mu alum! Though I was so excited to leave FGCU I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Dunk City and everything my school accomplishes - we will be back in the tournament next year!! One of my sorority sisters has a special place in my heart her name was Rebeca & she told me one day that she believes she’s a sunflower because when the sun is out she was her happiest but when the sun was down she was sad and that girl had a funny way of showing sad because even at the darkest of nights she was the happiest person I’ve ever known and I miss her every day - I hope I make her proud by trying to be the most positive person I can be. Needless to say, to this day every time I see a sunflower I think of her and all my beautiful sisters!! 

I absolutely love South by Sea! I can honestly say this company cares so much about their customers to the point they have become real friends and I have found some true best friends out of customers and of course coworkers (especially my ride or die Robyn and my Georgia peach Carson). I love helping all of y’all get exactly what you want for your events so call me email me let’s get to work!!!